Mad Magnets

Date: 20 august 2013


Dear Visitor,

This website has the purpose to provide you with more information about the Mad Magnets App.
The Mad Magnets App is a challenging magnetic puzzle game, which beholds 60 levels.

The Mad Magnets App can now be downloaded from the App store, but you can also use the direct link below.


 Mad Magnets is available in the App store
Just after a few days the Mad Magnets App got his approval from Apple inc.
Before the Mad magnets App is available in the App store we had to do some paperwork.
Saturday the 17th we have done this, then the road is cleared for release in the App store.

Mad Magnets Lite version (available soon)
This week there will be also a "try before you buy" version (callled Mad Magnets Lite) available for download in the App Store. This free version contains 6 games and it will give you a good idea what the Mad magnets game is all about.


Mad Magnets Level Editor
Autumn this year we have plans to release the Mad Magnets level editor.
With the Mad Magnets level editor you can easily create your own Mad Magnets games and then use them to challenge your friends or the rest of the world.

Thank you for your visit and we hope to see you back soon.


The Mad Magnets developing team

Red -be- Alert

Mad Magnets screen with extra information on an iphone 5.